16-Year-Old Exposed Her Dad Is Cheating On Mom in Front of Whole Family

An angry kid who didn’t get along with their dad told Reddit that their dad had been cheating on them.

After seeing the man behave in a strange way, the child got suspicious.

One day, the man got home late and didn’t know that his child could smell something strange on him. Only a few days went by before his child found out his biggest secret.

A 16 year-old went to Reddit to ask if they were wrong for telling their family about their cheating dad. Before getting to the main story, the teen talked about their bond with their dad.

Because of work, the teen and his brothers’ father was rarely home when they were kids. The man worked long hours and often went to other places on business trips. He didn’t spend much time with his family at home.

“Siblings and I were basically raised only by my Mom, and I’m really close with her,” the kid said. The teen didn’t want to talk to the dad because the dad only talked about how bad the kid was doing in school. The person on Reddit always told them to do better in school or things would get tough.

As a child, the youth saw that his father was acting differently, but he didn’t think anything was wrong. When the child turned 16, what the man had been keeping from his family came out.

What did the teen find out?
“I remember a few months ago, he came home super late, and I could smell a little perfume on him,” the Redditor said. Even though the teen didn’t do anything about the strange smell that day, he or she soon figured out what it meant.

A few days later, the dad forgot to put his phone down on the table. He had no idea that when his teenager saw a message on the screen, his family would find out his biggest secret.

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