500 years old well found under the floor in the house, You wont believe what came out of it..?? For More Check Comment Below

No one can understand the mystery within the land. Where the house was and the people were living comfortably, while cleaning the house the man found a hole.

When this man dug there, 500-year-old strange objects came out of it. Colin Stier, 70, a resident of Plymouth, England, did not even anticipate that his house could have such a deep well.
According to him, the house was built around 1895. He shifted to this house in 1988.

Colin said that 10 years ago, when he was decorating the house, the floor was seen sunken near the window.

It felt as if someone had been buried here or there would be a sinkhole. He decided to dig here to clear the doubts.

The excavation has unearthed centuries-old swords, coins and rings from inside the well. He said the items received from inside the well show that the well may be about 500 years old.

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