A Blind Cat Finds A Home With Other Cats That Are Just Like Her

Blossom the cat changed when she Iơst her eyes, and she found up in a household with other cats that were much likе her.

Blossom was discovered with a serious upper inflammatory virus-related eye illness. She was rеscuеd by the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, New York, and employees decided to remove her eyes owing to the illness.

Blossom was placed in a foster home for about a month after her eye removal operation, with Howard and Beth Stern.

Personality on the radio Howard Stern and his wife Beth are well-known for fostering cats, and their house is frequently flooded with new cats and kittens with various requirements. Blossom, who had just gone blind, was able to rehabilitate in the Stern house with their other foster children until she was ready to be adơрted.

Blossom needed a home that would be attentive to her requirements because she is blind, and when Susan Smith heard about her, she knew she would be the ideal fit for her family.

Blossom was placed in a home with several other blind cats. They have no notion they’re different because they’re all blind, and they spend their days playing together.

“Our main challenge, if there really is one, is staying out of their way as they race around the house,” Smith told The Dodo. “They really have the house mapped out in their heads.”

Blossom has gained all of the confidence she requires from her blind siblings, and she has had no problem adjusting to her new surroundings.

Smith described Blossom as a “sassy diva.” “I’ve never seen a cat with such a commanding presence. She makes me laugh all the time, such as when she ignores me because she believes I can’t see her.”

Blossom and her unique siblings don’t allow their blindness stop them from accomplishing their goals, and they’re always ready to provide a hand to one another.

“I truly believe they are completely unaware of their differences,” Smith remarked. “They do everything sighted cats do, which leaves me scratching my head on sometimes.”

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