A Cat Left Her Babies On The Home Porch And Returned Two Months Later With Four More

A mother cat abandoned her three kittens on a household porch before returning with four more.
Last year, Meggie, a volunteer with One Cat at a Time (a cat rescue in Quebec, Canada), spotted three small kittens on her doorstep during a flood.

On his porch, he had a winter box intended for stray and wild cats, and the kittens were snuggled there. “I left the kittens there because I felt it was preferable to leave them with the mother,” Meggie said. “But then the mother relocated two of the babies and left only one.”

“They were strewn about in my lawn by my lover. They were out in the open, and the mother cat never came back to check for them.

They were brought inside by the couple, who washed them up and reunited them with their brother. On a full tummy, the kittens fell asleep together in their lovely, warm bed that night.

Meggie cared for the kittens 24 hours a day, feeding them every two hours in a bottle. The three grew in confidence and began to thrive.

The litter of three kittens developed into lively and mischievous kittens during the following few weeks. They turned out to be lovable little creatures with a lot to offer.

The pair kept an eye on the mother cat. They were taken aback by what they discovered in their garden around two months after the kittens were rescued.

The cat had returned, and she was no longer alone. She arrived at her house with a new brood of four babies.

Trunks and Runty have matured into stunning felines. Their friendship has only gotten stronger over time.

When Meggie brings new adoptees home, the two brothers will want to assist, as if to offer the kittens the same affection they were given when they were rescued.

That day, the couple discovered three kittens on their doorstep, but they ended up saving four more, as well as their mother cat.

Since then, their house has expanded (with several rescued cats and dogs). Every day, they continue to rescue and shelter animals.

Trunks and Runty are living the life they always wanted, with a great family and lots of hugs for everyone.

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