A Family Moved Into A New Home And Discovered That Kittens Were Also Included

A family relocated to a new home in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Canada, early this year. They soon discovered that their wonderful new country property came complete with several mischievous cats that appeared to have been residing in their barn for some time.

The property’s owner, Joanie, and her family were aware of the impending winter because Canadian winters are persistent, so they quickly provided warm shelters for the cats in the barn while they looked for assistance in finding them new homes.

The plan was to sterilize the mother in order to prevent future pregnancies and to also locate housing for her young children. After receiving no response from a shelter more than 700 kilometers away, the woman called Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

Celine Crom from Chatons Orphelins Montréal told :

“She contacted vets and shelters in Abitibi but couldn’t find anyone to help her. So we made a commitment to welcome them.”

One of the small kittens entered the barn and put up a trap for itself. His brothers were more evasive, and he was dubbed Jules. He was also a little bashful. When Jules was fed food and attention, he rapidly brightened up and overcame his hesitation.

Joanie was still looking to attract the rest of the feline family, so a volunteer offered to take Jules to the refuge in Montréal where he would receive the necessary help.

Celine said:

“Jules did very well on her long drive to the vet and went to her foster home to socialize.”

The little kitten met her future foster mother, Marie-Lyne, who immediately offered her cuddles, and Jules was delighted to agree. Now the former barn cat was happy being pampered and swaddled like a baby.

Celine added:

“He quickly discovered that the feather toys are fun to play with, and even made friends with the resident cats.”

Days later, after being examined by the veterinarian and being determined to be in excellent health, the surviving kittens, named Junot and Jass, were also transported to safety and reunited with their brother Jules.

Joanie not only saved the little cats, she has now also located the mum and dad of the little ones and is working hard to promptly sterilize them both.

Mommy and Daddy cats will continue to live in the barn and now have the protection of Joanie’s family, who will make sure to provide them with food and warm shelter in the winter. For their part, the little kittens are already reunited in the foster home.

Cathy said:

“The kittens were reunited at their foster home yesterday. After the incident and all the changes, Jass was quite reserved, but Junot has already begun playing and running around the home with his brother Jules.

While Junot quickly joins in and follows Jules’ lead, Jass prefers to watch everything and stay in a safe space; she will slowly go exploring the place.

Little ones’ days consist of eating, playing with the neighborhood cats, and either taking relaxing naps or purring carefree.

Jules is the most active and outgoing, he is usually talkative and enjoys being with people; he often encourages his siblings to play and watch the birds out the window.

Now these kitties won’t have to worry about a thing or prepare for winter. Soon they will find warm homes where they will receive all the love they deserve.

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