A few weeks after King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, Queen Camilla will step down from her regal duties

Rumor has it that Queen Camilla is stepping down from her post after a few trying weeks where she was asked to shoulder a large portion of the royal family’s obligations.

Hello there! reveal that Camilla will take a week-long sabbatical from her royal duties and won’t be participating in any events that would normally take up her time.

The Queen is rumored to be returning to work on March 11, when she is expected to lead the Royal Family at Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth Day ceremony. There are rumors that other senior royals will step in for her in the interim.

It’s no secret that King Charles’s recent health problems have prevented him from doing the traditional royal duties that come with holding the position of authority. The King was diagnosed with an unnamed kind of cancer early last month, following therapy for an enlarged prostate. He’s receiving therapy right now.

The complications arising from Kate Middleton’s hospital stay and recuperation time may have limited Prince William’s ability to provide the kind of assistance that he otherwise could have.

In an effort to fill the void, Queen Camilla has increased her role as a royal; only this past week, she presided over the royal family during the wake for the late King Constantine of Greece.

We can only presume Camilla will welcome the previously stated break from engagements. Hello! says that Camilla is planning to spend her “week off” with King Charles and other family members.

With regard to Charles, the King’s routine for allocating his time between Sandringham, the English royal estate in Norfolk, and London is well-established. The monarch is still getting treatment for his cancer, but the royal family has not revealed the kind or stage of the illness.

During a meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunka, King Charles said he was moved to tears by the public’s affection and support for him during his sickness. The official statement from the royal family about Charles’s recovery is that he is doing well and maintaining his positive attitude.

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