A Grown Cat With A Rare Dwarfism Will Always Be A Kitten

Munchie is a seven-month-old cat that appears to have been born just a month ago. The cat was diagnosed with hypoparathyroidism, a disease that would keep him small for the rest of his life. The cat’s situation is so unusual that it has only been reported once before with another animal.

Munchie’s mother, Emily Tomlinson, found him at the Wolverhampton Veterinary Clinic, where she works. She believes he was dumped when he was just 4 weeks old, due to his cloudy eyes, a condition which doesn’t affect his sight whatsoever.


Munchie’s illness, however, has an impact on more than just his appearance. Emily had to hurry him to the vet on Boxing Day when he collapsed. He collapsed as a result of severely low calcium levels in his blood, according to the veterinarian. Munchie’s four-day vet visit cost Emily £2,500, which she considers ‘worthwhile.’ She went on to say that she’ll go to any length to give the cat the life he deserves.


It’s not simple to become Munchie. Emily claims she feeds him 6-8 times a day, including one meal in the middle of the night, since he eats little 15-gram quantities like a kitten.

Munchie is a sweet kitten who will require ongoing blood tests and medical examinations for the remainder of his life. He’s really fortunate to have Emily to look after him and love him for as long as he needs her.


Here’s a cute video of Munchies having fun with his mother:

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