A Homeless Kitten Clings To A Guy And Refuses To Let Go Of His Hand After Being Saved From A Fire

After a garage fire in Sudbury County, Ontario, Canada, firemen discovered a stray kitten last year. The five-week-old youngster was transported to the Walden Animal Hospital, where he was found with third-degree burns on his paws, head, and back.

Veterinarians went to his aid, treating his wounds and relieving his suffering. They meticulously cleaned out all of the soot, applied bandages, and stayed at the kitten’s side 24 hours a day.

Despite his ordeal, the kitten was delighted to have been saved and clung to the employees, begging for attention.

The striped cub, who was named Dobby , did not mind the sock-like bandages on his paws and steadfastly endured all medical procedures. The workers took turns hugging him, giving him the love he needed so badly.

Rob Maguire from Manitoulin Island came across Dobby’s story on social media. “Some of the first photos show pain in his eyes,” the man says. “Part of that is what got me hooked.”

When Rob arrived in Sudbury, he scheduled a visit to the hospital on his first day to get to know the little miracle. “We hit it off right away the day I met him. He had bandages all over him and all he wanted to do was play.”

The cat grabbed Rob’s arm and wouldn’t let go until it came time for him to depart.

“Dobby kept clinging to my arm, and I didn’t want to leave myself,” says Rob. We looked into each other’s eyes for a long time, and he melted my heart. I felt like I’ve known him all my life.”

Rob followed the kitten’s progress online and never stopped thinking about him. He knew that one day he would return for his little friend.

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