A Kitten Rescued With His Sibliings In The Garden Has Created A Diifferent coat And Is Motivated To Liive

Without a mother, four newborn kittens were discovered in the backyard. Mom never returned for them, and they were really little.

A site visitor contacted the Orphan Kitten Club, a group of animal advocates based in California who specializes in kittens. “I hurried there to take them up when I heard the kittens were just a few hours born and abandoned without a mother,” said coordinator Yige. “They were discovered prematurely on the street, and their mother vanished shortly after giving birth.”

One of the kittens stuck out among the others as being very little, skinny, frail, and frigid to the touch. Yige instantly placed it in a warm location and wrapped her hands over the kitten’s body to warm it.

“I spent about 20 minutes in the car, warming it up, and set off only realizing that the critical danger was over. Warmth is the most important thing for newborn kittens.”

A kid named Jinsik immediately proved himself a fighter. Having thrown off weakness, gradually starting to fill his tiny tummy more and more densely, Jeans went on the mend, but to some extent, he was still hanging by a thread. Yige continued to intensively patronize him around the clock, doing her best.

“He was very cool. During that first week, I stayed with him every night, afraid of losing him if I fell asleep,” says Yige.

“How many times have I feared he wouldn’t make it, yet his body magically keeps working?”

Jinsik began to gain weight and even brightened up after a few days on the droppers. The small miraculous kitten gained 100 grams in six days of foster care and was taken off life support.

As the kitten grew up, a change in the color of his fur coat became noticeable.

“He was not born with this syndrome. It is probably due to his extreme weakness and soreness in the first week of life,” says Yige.


Velvet, the feeble kitten’s sibling, was always there to provide a helping hand whenever he needed cuddles or consolation.

“From the beginning, Velvet has been Jinsik’s unflinching guardian.”

Velvet came to Jinsik’s aid when he fell ill or the condition progressed.

“Every time Jinsik’s pulse slowed, I braced myself for the worst. And I saw that in virtually every case, Velvet arrived, shook his brother’s inert body, and his pulse began to increase very quickly.

Jeans was ultimately able to quadruple his weight thanks to the help of campaigners and his brother’s undying affection. He had doubled in size, but he was still the smallest of the brood, despite his charm.

Jeans became mischievous, inquisitive, and playful.

Every time he had, he got into a good battle, and he had a lot of guts. The miraculous kitten is now grown enough to move on to the next stage of life, which is finding a permanent family, at the age of nine weeks.

“His brother Velvet gave him a lot of comforts, and we put them in the same hands,” Yige explains.

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