A Newborn Cat Who Has Lost Her Whole Family Is Given A New Father By The Cat Who Also Aids In Saving Her Life

A day-old kitten that needed immediate medical attention was adopted by the Nova Cat Clinic a few weeks ago. This infant outlived all of her siblings.

Volunteers from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington labored nonstop to save the kitten, but it was obvious that their efforts might not be sufficient.

According to Helen Carozza, a certified veterinary assistant at Nova Cat Clinic, “She came to me on February 5th because the volunteers knew that caring for extremely ill babies was my expertise.”

“We took her in, had our vets look her over, and gave her some medication. She needed artificial feeding since she was underweight.

As an orphan, she is constantly drawn to warmth and anything that mimics the heartbeat of a cat mom.

She weighed only 71 g, but her warrior spirit did not allow her to give up. She really wanted love and affection, and Helen realized that it was time to introduce her to a great guy.

Helen has a cat named Benny, who is the household master and adoptive father of many rescued kittens she brought into the house at various times.

Benny’s heart is solid gold. Every time he sees a cub in trouble, he immediately becomes active and begins to take care, as a mother would do.

The baby, named Adora Belle, was no exception.

As soon as he spotted the kitten, Benny set to work. “First, we bathed Adora, after which we allowed Benny to express all his love, which he did without delay.”

Nothing could stop the cat from performing his sacred duty, even if the girl was placed in an incubator to control her body temperature.

He slept out next to the incubator and kept the infant company throughout the night to provide care.

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