A Stray Cat Appears On The Doorstep With Her Babies Seeking Assistance

A mother always knows what’s best for her children, and the same is true for animals.

Mama Ally, a stray cat, recently decided she’d had enough of the streets and relocated her family to a secure location.

The mother cat and her two fluffy white kittens stood on the threshold of a North Carolina family’s house, anxiously waiting to be recognized through the glass.

When the homeowner saw Mama Ally with her months-old kittens, she called Sparkle Cat Rescue for help. The rescue stepped in to trap the little family and bring them to safety. But it didn’t take long for them to realize that Mama Ally had one more surprise in store — she was pregnant.

Mama Ally was referred to the rescue by its partner, Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, and its founder, Sarah Kelly. Kelly agreed right away to locate a nice place for the cat to spend her final trimester.

When Mama Ally arrived, she made a point of thanking her new humans.

The second she was returned home, she was immediately demanding attention from her foster, Monica,” Kelly told The Dodo. “She likes to cuddle up on her lap, on her arm, or anywhere she can get the closest snuggle!” If she has left the house, she will spend the day napping on her shoes or apparel that smells like her. She enjoys being among people and receiving attention.”

Weeks went by, and Mama Ally once again demonstrated why she is Mother of the Year.

Kelly described her as having “the nicest heart.” “She has demonstrated what a gold heart she has by caring for her elder kittens for so long and so well, outdoors as a stray – seeking help!” She gave birth to her five children like a rockstar and has devoted herself to lovingly care for them as if she were the finest mother in the world.”

Mama Ally’s elder kittens have all been adopted, so now it’s just a matter of finding homes for Ally and her five new kittens. And it’s because to Ally’s foresight in recognizing when it was time to get the treatment that they have such a bright future.

“Mama Ally is doing fantastic,” Kelly added, “soaking up all the baby snuggles — and the TLC from her foster.” “We are overjoyed for this family, who is receiving the second chances and happily-ever-afters they so well deserve.”

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