A STray Cat Asked A Couple For Help Late One Night AFter A rain

Mark Smith and his girlfriend Ana Roberts, he claims, overheard a loud wailing meow coming from the street. In an effort to get closer to the kitten, they placed a dish of food next to them.

They had to wait for around an hour while quietly calling to him in the pitch black. After some time had elapsed, the kitty still made the decision to believe his human pals and proceeded to the bowl.

The kitten was all wet and shivering from the cold, and the couple took him into the house. The young man scanned the area around the house in search of a mother cat or other stray kittens, and his girlfriend took the kitten to the bathroom, where he could dry.

They prepared sheets and soft toys for the kitty so that she could warm herself around them.

We kept her at home, but eventually our hearts broke.

She filled the dish that the couple had given her earlier that evening…

…she developed a relationship with her rescuers, warming up close to them while resting on top of them.

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