A Stray Mother Cat Brings Her Kiittens To A Woman She Beliieves In

A ginger kitten appeared on a woman’s front doorstep in Carolina one day, pleading for food. She gave the impression of being bashful, yet she was clearly hungry.

The gracious woman placed some food on the table, and the ginger tabby devoured the contents of the bowl before fleeing.

The next day the same cat reappeared on the porch but this time she wasn’t alone.

Beside her was a little ginger kitten, almost identical. He was also very hungry and followed his mother’s lead.

The mother cat returned the next night, but this time with two kittens in tow. The small ginger from the day before, as well as a really adorable tortoiseshell.

When the woman realized the mother cat was pleading for assistance, she phoned Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, who went out to capture the family and transport them to safety.

The kittens were examined after they arrived at the shelter; they weighed less than they should have, but they were both healthy. They have a long way to go in terms of growing and filling out.

Mildred was the name given to the mother, while Charlotte and Hank were given to the kittens, a girl and a male. They’ve all realized that life with their loving foster family is far superior to life on the streets.

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