A Woman Offers A Kitten A Shot At Living A Complete Life And Now She Has A Gorgeous Crooked Smile

An sad stray kitten with wounds all over her body, who was filthy and underweight, was brought to the attention of a woman in Turkey. She had many diseases, including the Calicivirus, a very infectious kind of feline flu that would have resulted in tissue loss around her mouth, which was detected at the veterinary facility where she was treated.


When Ahsen, an animal rescuer, heard the kitten’s tale, she made the decision to intervene and assist her. The kitty observed the woman and came up to her searching for some attention despite her deteriorating health and messy looks.


Without thinking twice, Ahsen decided to give the kitten a fighting chance and against all odds took him home to take care of her. There he offered her a space so that she could be comfortable and start her recovery process.

Zombie was the name given to the kitten. Ahsen was serious about making the scars on her lips heal, so she cleaned the dirt off of her body.


Zombi’s mouth was crooked owing to the diseases he had, thus his rehabilitation was difficult. However, with the help of his caregiver’s love and care, he was able to conquer each challenge one at a time.

Zombie was able to feed on his own for the first time in a long time and did it without experiencing any discomfort. The cat was so appreciative that she continued to purr and display her crooked smile.


Zombi put on weight and became more gregarious as the weeks went by. Two of her bottom teeth had to be pulled out in order for her recuperation to proceed, making it simpler for her to eat.

Ahsen was pleased and delighted to witness the recovery of her courageous kitty; now that she was no longer in danger, they could focus on treating both external and internal wounds.


After recuperating for two months, Zombie was treated to a well-deserved spa day and was informed that he would now be a legal member of the Ahsen family. He was now a member of the household’s feline inhabitants.


The cats joyfully greeted their new sister, showed her how to play, and encouraged her to have supper with them. The family’s tuxedo cat, Zikri, and Zombie are excellent buddies and Zikri has the patience to handle his sister’s enthusiasm. Zombie instantly began following Zikri.

“It makes me pleased to be able to assist creatures like Zombie. To be able to say, “We did it,” to see her transformation, and to have contributed to this is an important experience.

Finally, Zombi’s life is everything she could have ever wished for; she has a loving family and devoted siblings who look out for her. At this point, all she wants is to keep leading the lavish life of a privileged indoor cat.

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