Adorable Kitten with Teddy Bear Ears, Twisted Legs Touches Hearts

When Baby Spool was taken to Los Angeles-based animal rights campaigners Friends for Life Rescue Network, she was immediately a warrior. The girl’s front paws have been bent from birth. She was always flirting and clamoring for attention.

Foster care volunteers Mel and Zane Lamprey offered the lovely kitten a second chance at life. They started giving her regular physical therapy and massage treatments, as well as numerous muscle-building techniques, to help her paws rectify their form.

All of the physiotherapy treatments were tolerated by the little cat. She adored her foster parents, particularly Zane’s father.

“Like her hero, he picked her up after each procedure and hugged her. In response, she wrapped her tiny fingers around him,” says Mel.

The fluffy baby acted brave, happy and grateful. All she wanted was love and hugs.

As a symbol of their forthcoming relationship, the neighborhood cat Tykovka seized the new one with its paws and kissed everything.

Spool became ill with a fever a few weeks later and was taken to the hospital. The first indications of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a viral illness, appeared at that time.

The girl was fed every few hours according to the timetable while staying at the veterinarian facility. Physical therapy was maintained, but the focus was on FIP.

According to Jacqueline DeAmore, co-founder of the Friends for Life Rescue Network, “there is a new pharmacological treatment that should cure FIP in cats.” “Stress on the body must be avoided as much as possible for the medications to perform efficiently.”

She develops stronger and more fun as a result of her continued treatment. Nothing can hide her open personality.

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