Afraid Rescued Cat Wraps Arms Around Her New Dad When They Meet

Symphony, a nice cat was rescued from terrible condition in a hoarding home along with 11 other kittens and cats. Luckily for this sweet kitty was safe, however, she was timid and shy at first until she met this family, she started to show her new colors.

When she was rescued, people think that her condition needed a lot of socialization because she came from full of scrounging, abandonment and neglect. It only took a few weeks to become a more relaxed kitten.

A couple that had volunteered at the center decided to adopt her. When they showed an interest in her she warmed up to them quickly. It was as if fate had brought them together.

They seemed to have met by accident. When they got there, the cat did something that made everyone cry.

She immediately embraced Larry once he scooped her up. Lary’s heart was captivated by this adorable cat, and so was hers.

This is so amazing, it’s enough to make me cry: When the love of a cat touches your heart, you never go back. This is so wonderful, it’s enough to bring tears to my eyes.


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