After Being Abused By The Former Owner The Persian Cat Is Rescued And Adopted By A Good Family

“I grew up with bulldogs in my family and fell in love with “goofy” looking creatures,” he told iHeartCats. “However, I am just not home regularly enough for a dog these days.”

R.J was introduced to Brimley’s portrait by one of his friends, and he fell in love with the gorgeous cat and chose to adơрt him.

Brimley was rеscuеd from a cruel breeder who had âbаndơnеd him. His breeder actually placed him in a cage, crippling him and abandoning him. Thankfully, the unfortunate cat was rеscuеd and sent to safety by “Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue.” The rеscuеrs gave him eye drops and medicine right after to help him recover completely.

He eventually found his new father, and it was love at first sight. When Brimley was a baby, he had eye difficulties and needed surgery, but R.J didn’t give up. He even took time off work every day to look after Brimley and help him get back to his best self.

Despite having had such a difficult existence in the past, he adores his new owner and frequently grins when he pets him. Brimley has also provided R.J with company, joy, and a link to the global cat lover community.

“I’ve never been much of a cat person, but the moment I saw Brimley, I was absolutely smitten. He’s such a love, and it’s the first time he’s had a nice home.”

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