After Being Adopted A Blind Abandoned Kitten iis Unable To Stop Hugging Her New Father

A kitten by the name of June was discovered as a stray in the South African town of Hout Bay in November of last year.

Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG) volunteer Holly Gilbert-Jones told The Dodo, “She was brought in… by a member of the community who had found her, and I suppose her mother had been slain.” No brothers or sisters existed.

The DARG team immediately noticed that June was a little different — she’d been born blind, although June didn’t seem fazed by this.

“She obviously has no understanding or idea that she was any different than any of the other cats,” Gilbert-Jones said. “She would be zooming up and down the hallway.”

Gilbert-Jones fostered June for many months, and during that time, she fell in love with her. June had a lot of energy and yearned for affection from everyone she met.

“There’s something about her,” Gilbert-Jones said. “It’s like she radiates this joyful energy from her. Everyone who sees her just kind of falls in love. She has this gift of winning people over.”

Soon June stole the hearts of Andrew Duff and Rebecca Warner, who’d seen a post about her on Facebook and decided to adopt her without even meeting her first. When they went to pick her up, they knew they were making the right decision.

Duff told The Dodo, “We fell in love right away. “She snuggled up in my arms, and I cuddled her tenderly. Ever since, we’ve been quite close. She is extremely affectionate and is arguably the most loving animal I have ever encountered.

As they drove home, June climbed into Duff’s arms and snuggled into him.

Warner told The Dodo, “She simply curled onto his neck and stayed there.” “I picked up a little tag that said “Daddy’s Girl” on the way home after realizing that that was it. She now owns him.

Two individuals who weren’t too keen on June were Duff and Warner’s other cats, Leia and Leeloo.

We were a little concerned about June adjusting to them, and the first few weeks were rather chaotic, according to Duff.

But June eventually won Leia and Leeloo over as well.

She was adamant about playing with them and was determined to be with them, according to Warner. They are now very much sisters and adore one another.

In addition to her apparent affection for her family, June like taking walks with them while wearing a leash and harness.

Duff said, “She’s bolder than our other two cats.” She simply moves on despite being unable to see. She makes decisions by leaping off objects. We’ve brought her on vacation previously, and she quickly created a detailed map of the new location.

“When we take her for walks, it’s amazing to see her react to sounds,” Duff added. “She’ll hear a bee around the flowers, and she’ll leap at it. Or she’ll hear birds and suddenly turn.”

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