Apple and Blackberry Newborn Kitten Siblings A Rescue That Almost Never Happened

The typical person swoons and says “awww” when they see a cute cat photo on social media. These kittens are, without a doubt, one of the cutest things on the globe. Announcements with ridiculous names, such as Apple and Blackberry, just add to their cuteness.

However, the small faces are frequently accompanied with an unexpected narrative. Animal rescuers get a stomach punch when they witness potato-shaped, fluffy kittens or mounds of newborn infants. And it’s each and every one of their makeovers and motivating spirits that keeps those committed people scrolling through their social media accounts.

So Apple and Blackberry decided to share their heartbreaking AND perfectly preventable story in the most beautiful way imaginable.

These two were born in Lake Worth, Florida, to a feral mother. They were, however, the only two kittens from a litter of seven that are currently living on the streets.

Those streets are being monitored by one lady, who will almost certainly never stop reading through her social media posts in order to save cats. Carmen Morales Weinberg is the creator of the Delray Beach-based Animal Friends Project, Inc. Her heart sank when she saw a Facebook post late on the evening of August 25th.

A clump of newborn kittens in a transparent tub was the subject of the photograph. While the finders had the greatest of intentions, their lack of expertise was going to prove disastrous for the delicate litter.

The mother cat’s whereabouts when the kittens were discovered is unknown, however she was most likely startled and fled. Cats that have not been changed can start reproducing as early as 4-5 months of age. Having kids is probably the scariest thing I can imagine a baby going through.

A couple of the kittens had become tangled in the umbilical cords when this family was discovered. Worse, one of them had a rear limb that was nearly severed at the foot!

Apple, Blackberry, and their siblings were taken inside by the homeowners, who then placed a cry for aid on the internet.

The first thing that many people are unaware of is this. If you come across a litter of newborn kittens, DO NOT TAKE THEM AWAY RIGHT AWAY. Unless there is a clear evidence of harm, medical assistance is required, or they are in a dangerous situation.

Ideally, the mother was shocked by the presence of people and fled. She may have alread

This time, though, there was no need to wait. And it was one of the first ideas that came up. Carmen, on the other hand, spotted something else.

Outside, there was a wild mother. People on Facebook advised the homeowners to simply leave the kittens outside so that their mother could come fetch them and care for them. It was approximately 11 p.m., and it was really late.

I warned them not to put the kitten with the wounded foot outside after seeing the photo. That I would go fetch him since he needed medical help right away.

Everything was quiet until around 12:30 p.m., when they finally responded. However, the care the newborns were getting did not provide any piece of mind.

They still had five kittens inside, she added, and they were attempting to bottle feed them. However, the cat mom had two cats outdoors with her.

Every day is a rare commodity, and every minute is a threat to their lives. They are sure to find the right home with the love and care they are receiving from Carmen and her rescue supporters. She will continue to contact the owners in the hopes of locating the rest of the family.

Ideally, they will be reunited and will all be able to find homes away from the streets. She swears to get their feral mom fixed at the very least!

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