Boy Finally Sees His Lost Cat Again Can’t Hold Back Tears

Franky is still a young kitten and is learning a lot about the world, but he already understands that Liam, his human sibling, is his favorite person to cuddle with.

Franky and Liam’s mother, Rachelle Vaughn, told The Dodo that her son is “obsessed” with him. He is an animal lover. particularly this one, who is a snuggle monkey.

Since the beginning, Franky and Liam have been quite close and enjoy spending plenty of time together. When Franky suddenly vanished, poor Liam was devastated.

Vaughn did everything she could think of to try and find Franky, from putting up flyers to contacting shelters to searching through local Facebook groups. Nothing seemed to be working — until finally, five weeks later, someone finally found Franky.

“He turned up on the next street over,” Vaughn said. “Someone posted pictures of him on Facebook and I jumped all over it to find out he was right behind us.”

Vaughn was overjoyed that Franky had been found and that he was totally fine and healthy. One of their neighbors brought him inside and kept him safe until his family was able to come and pick him up. Vaughn quickly made plans to go and collect him, and decided to keep it as a surprise for Liam, who still thought that Franky was missing.

My son was unaware that we were going to pick up the cat, said Vaughn. I explained to him that Amazon had sent an item to the incorrect address.

When the two got to the neighbor’s house to get the “gift,” they walked inside to collect it. When Liam spotted Franky in his neighbor’s arms, he stopped in his tracks and started crying.

Given everything he had been through, Franky immediately recognized his brother, and although feeling a bit overwhelmed, he was overjoyed to see his closest buddy again.

“My son cried and cried and said, ‘I have no words’ as he broke down with tears of joy,” Vaughn said.

The pair took Franky home and got him settled back in, and soon it was if he’d never even been gone at all. He’s so happy to be back with his family now, and he refuses to let them out of his sight, especially Liam.

“Since Franky has been home he has been more affectionate than normal,” Vaughn said. “I can tell he missed being home and us as well. He follows me all around the house like I’m gonna disappear or something.”

Franky and Liam have had a special bond since the very beginning, and Liam was so overwhelmed with joy when he realized his cat had finally come back to him.

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