Bride Denied Wedding Dress Due to Racial Bias — Today’s Highlight

As Allie plans her dream wedding, her vision board guides her every step. However, when searching for her wedding dress, she encounters prejudice due to her skin color.

Allie flipped through bridal magazines, torn between her desire for cheesy pizza and her commitment to clean eating for glowing skin.

“You’re perfect the way you are,” her fiance, Scott, had said when she vetoed takeout until the wedding.

“But I want that princess glow,” she’d teased him. Scott had suggested getting a tiara in that case and made her smile.

Allie now ran her fingers through her hair. She recalled how she sat between her mother’s legs as a kid, getting her hair conditioned and braided.

“Why do we have to do this? It hurts, Mom!” little Allie would complain.

“This way, your hair will grow long and smooth,” her mom would reply.

Allie sighed. Her Pinterest vision board reflected her meticulous wedding planning, but the elusive perfect dress remained a stress point.

“Why stressed, Al?” Scott asked.

“Because everything must be perfect,” she replied. “I still have to get my dress.”

“Go to the bridal boutique on Boulevard. You’ll find what you need. Want me to come?”

“That’s bad luck, but do you think I’d find the perfect dress there?”

“Definitely. If not, we’ll make it perfect. You’ll have your perfect day.”

“Our perfect day,” she grinned.

Scott owned the boutique but wasn’t a bridal expert. Allie closed her binder, deciding to bake eclairs. Wondering about adding them to the wedding menu, she called her mom.

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