Cat Decides To Return To A Neighbor For A Daily Dose Of Love, Cuddles And A Lunch

Cats are typically regarded of being chilly creatures who don’t exhibit or appreciate affection. However, this isn’t totally accurate. They desire and need all the attention they can get, despite their coldness. Mama the cat, at least, does, seeking her neighbor for daily strokes, hugs, and a smidgeon of food.

Mama, a cat, has been visiting the next-door neighbor on a daily basis. Of course, there’s a reason behind this. Or, better yet, justifications. Mama has discovered that everytime she goes to the door of a neighbor, she is greeted with cuddles and a bite of food. It was weird at first, but it has now become a regular ritual for both of them.

A Daily Ritual

Mama doesn’t let a day go by without paying us a visit. The adorable white kitten expects pets and food from her next-door neighbors, and she gets both. Mama isn’t the only one who enjoys it. The neighbor seems unconcerned about the visits, snuggling with the cat and feeding it from his hand.

It’s a daily routine that takes place in the afternoon for both of them. When the cat passes by the large window, she bangs on it to get the attention of her neighbor. He then comes out for some hugs and, in the end, feeds it. Why should the visits be halted when the cat is receiving appropriate care and food? It’s a love story that’ll last a lifetime.

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