Cat Hugs Couple After Couple Adopts It From A Shelter And The Cat Won’t Let Go

A cute little shelter cat gave Dan and his wife from North Carolina a gigantic hug, and then didn’t want to let go. This happened when the couple adopted the cat and named him Huggs.

When he was brought to the shelter, Huggs was not in good health. He was first quite apprehensive and hesitant when they took him out to see Dan. Dan drove him back to his house and spoke with him en route.

After he moved into his new home a few months, things began to change.

The couple made him feel loved and he could learn to trust and love again with his adorable owners. The sweet boy loves his human and didn’t want them to go.

Thanks to Dan and his wife, Huggs has a forever home with a happy life. They loved at first sight, for sure! Share this story with your friends and family members!

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