Cat Interrupts News Segment Leaving Reporter Laughing Crazily

The other day, Brazilian journalist Artur Lira was filming a news segment outside a police station when, much to his surprise, a far more adorable story broke right before his eyes.

Smack-dab in the middle of Lira’s report, a cat appeared at his feet — demanding both his and the camera’s attention.

As you’ll see, Lira couldn’t help but laugh at the unexpected interruption especially when the kitty surprised him for a second time:

Lira wrote, “He was so cute, you can’t be furious.” “I believe that this cat desired fame.”

And that’s exactly what occurred, even if this endearing tale is still in progress.

The cat is reportedly a stray that is being fed and cared for by officers at the station, but if all goes as planned, Lira hopes to adopt the cat himself. After all, the cat had already made him her favorite.

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