Cat Man Chris Conquers The Land Of The Stray Siamese Cats After An 8 Month Trapping Crusade

When stray and feral cats are allowed to mate unrestrained, their population explodes at an alarming rate. The world is therefore left with millions of homeless felines and no resources to care for them. This applies to “designer cats” such as Siamese. However, there is a technique to assist prevent this. This is the case with TNVR programs, which stand for Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return. For example, Cat Man Chris, sometimes known as Chris Poole, fights a campaign every day. Unfortunately, there is no fast remedy. But there is no way out. Not until every single feline has been fixed or adơрted. Whatever it takes, no matter how long it takes.

It began in June while Chris was feeding at another local mobile home park. One of the residents mentioned to him that her friend fed a colony of stray Siamese nearby. But the felines were not fixed and had been breeding likе crazy, overwhelming the woman.

It’s also an odd location because there’s a large pond/road on one side of the property. Then there’s a large wilderness area on the opposite side. This meant that the cats and kittens would immediately vanish into the undergrowth after feeding. Alligators and other wild creatures can feast on the cats and kittens, making this a perilous location.

Hearing the word “Siamese” often hurts animal rеscuеrs’ hearts since these “breeder” or “purebred” cats are frequently âbаndơnеd. They may have served their “function” and then been thrown away. Worse, when “designer cat” potential adơрters are rеscuеd from the streets, they apply in droves. It’s not simple to sift out those who don’t have the animals’ best interests at heart.

However, the cats on “Siamese Street,” as Chris came to refer to it, were in distress. And when he was able to lure them closer to him, he realized they were in desperate need of medical help. They were fighting fleas and had goopy eyes from illnesses, as do most stray and feral cats. Mange was beginning to show on the small bodies of many of the first kittens seized. Later, while in foster care, the dreaded ringworm reappeared.

Others may have given up or lacked the time and money to continue, but Cat Man Chris refused.
This was certainly one of the most difficult jobs I’ve ever had. I believe I spent well over 100 hours there, experimenting with various approaches and baits. Regular traps, drop traps, catnip, early 5 a.m. beginnings, mid-mornings, and evenings were all hauled out.

I had to follow to their schedule because the lady left for work early and fed them that early. Then I found out that a residence a few houses down was also feeding them! Add in ducks and GIANT toads who were accustomed to food being placed out in a buffet-style setting. So I’d have to chase them away from the traps, which would frighten the cats and cause them to flee…what a nightmare!

The cunning felines also had access to a garage where Chris couldn’t get to them. They would hide behind pallets just out of his grasp when he was permitted access.

They were terrified, but they were on their way to a new life with The Runaway’s Animal Rescue, one of his partner groups. They were placed in foster care and placed with amazing new permanent family!

There are more cute photographs and videos of these three now that they are finally able to be carefree kitties than can possibly be published here.

His purpose, however, was not yet complete. Mama cat was still the PURRpetrator behind it all. Because if she isn’t caught and fixed, the cycle of misery will continue.

On Siamese Street, the property owner informed me of a new kitten…argh. So I went over today expecting to either not see them or watch them flee. However, mom and kitten were lucky enough to be at one of the shelters! Mom dashed out the door, but the cat remained inside, so I slung my net over the entrance and snatched her up.

I then put the kitten in the carrier as bait to entice Mom into the trap. WOOHOO!

Mama was actually feral and was TNR’d, but the adorable kitten was fostered and adơрted.

He could tell there were a couple that had previously been mended by their notches or pointed ears. Trying to catch only unmodified cats adds to the challenges. They were treated for any medical difficulties and either adơрted out or returned to the place after he was successful. For their comfort, weatherproof shelters were also manufactured and given throughout the region.

Chris captured five additional community cats at the site, fixed them, and released them all.
The remaining female (a black cat) was caught by the home owner’s daughter a few doors down. Because the cats knew and trusted them, I showed them how to use a trap and then left them to it.
Cats aren’t stupid, and it was getting to the point where they’d see/hear my car approach and then vanish.

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