Cat Perfects The Cutest Pose To Convince Dad To Take The Day Off Work

Since Kitty’s family adopted her last Christmas, she has become utterly fixated with them. The now 3-year-old cat is so appreciative to have a family who loves her after being without a home that she just wants to spend every waking moment with them.

Josh Rizzotti, Kitty’s father, told The Dodo, “She loves to continuously be around us – whether in the toilet, kitchen, or in bed, she’s there. She is the only cat I’ve ever met who enjoys being cradled and cuddled like a baby.

Kitty is definitely not a fan of when her family leaves the house to go to work or run errands, and every time she sees them getting ready to leave her, she tries her best to convince them to stay.

A few months ago, Kitty’s dad was getting ready to leave the house for work. Kitty desperately wanted him to stay, so she climbed up onto a nearby chair and adopted the prettiest kitty pose ever.

The world’s sweetest stance and Kitty’s full surprise had her dad fighting the impulse to stay at home from work and spend the rest of time with her. Considering how adorable she was, she undoubtedly appeared to know precisely what she was doing.

Since then, Kitty will still try out her masterful pose from time to time, and has also come up with a few more tactics to try and keep her family in the house with her.

“The chair isn’t always there when we go so she doesn’t do it every time, but when it’s not there she’ll just walk us to the door and hang out while we get our shoes on,” Rizzotti said.

“She can hear us before we get to the door ’cause she’s always waiting for us at the door as soon as we open it. She starts meowing and stretches on us until we pick her up and give her kisses and pets.”

… and makes her presence so known that it’s often impossible for him to focus on anything else.

Kitty loves her family so much that she will never stop trying to persuade them to stay at home with her. On certain days, there is no doubt that her strategies will succeed because she is so content with her life after adoption.

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