Cat Purrs Every Day Because She Is So Happy To Have THe Kittens In a Cozy Home

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington, a Virginia-based shelter for animal rescue, received a visit from a pregnant cat. When the two-year-old kitty first met her foster family, she was expecting for a better life, but she quickly fell in love with them.

Freckles, the pregnant kitty, quickly developed a need for plenty of attention and caressing from her caregiver. Freckles sank to the ground, rolled over onto his stomach, activated his little purr mechanism, and started scrubbing her bed with her front paws.

The kitten appeared to be quite content to have a place to call home and, more importantly, a selection of meals to sate her appetite.

Also, she was blissful to have loving humans rub her face, as she was eager to receive a lot of affection and attention. However, she was in love with Asa, her foster mother, so she would snuggle on her lap and wave her little paws to show her happiness.

She was extremely happy and purred with joy since she woke up every morning with a loving family that gave her whatever she desired.

Freckles got to know all of the housemates over the course of the following several days, both human and furry, and won them over.

Asa says:

As we waited anxiously for the infants, “I was loving all the chin rubs.”

As soon as Freckles settled down in the nest that had been made for her, she started to have contractions, indicating that the anticipated moment had arrived. The kitty was able to give birth to six gorgeous babies because she felt at ease having her mother there to support her.

Assa commented:

“It was a long night for the new mum, we were up until 3am but everyone is healthy and happy which is all that matters.”

From that moment, Freckles began to fulfill her maternal duties and began to feed, clean and take care of her six little ones.

Asa provided the cat food as she attended to her young children’s needs because the cat seldom ever left her nest. Freckles started taking brief breaks to stretch and move about between feedings after many days of caring for the needs of his kittens.

He also purred to his adoptive mother and begged for a quick touch since he want to be with her all the time.

Assa added:

“She is so sweet. I thought it was because she’s pregnant, but her behavior hasn’t changed at all since she had babies, she loves head butting and she’s a purr machine!”

All the kittens are progressing like true champions, but it’s all thanks to a very caring and amazing mother.

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