Cat Says Thank You to Woman Who Saved Him From Drowning in This Way

Zephyr almost had a tragic ending, but a kind woman spared him.

He now gives daily hugs and kisses of gratitude to his adoptive mother.

Last year, Irene was out for a stroll in a local park when she noticed a man walking towards the river. The man appeared to be holding something in his hands, and when she got closer, she wasn’t prepared for what she saw.

“He had a newborn kitten in his hands, and I realized I needed to act quickly,” Irene told The Dodo. “I managed to push the man seconds before he would’ve thrown a kitty into the river.”

Irene had no idea that day would result in her saving a kitten, but it did. The little cat was alive, trembling in the cold. Zephyr, the name Irene gave the cat, has been kissing her face as frequently as he can to express his thanks.

Irene claimed, “He didn’t want to let go of me.” He either pushes against my face or begins to lick it virtually every day.

Irene adopted Zephyr as a newborn kitten and introduced him to her senior cat at home. A year later, the two cats are still inseparable.

“The old cat treats the kitten like his own son,” Irene said. “They both are so adorable, hugging and licking each other.”

The once-upon-a-time stray now has a second chance at life, and he’s taking full advantage of it.

“[Zephyr] constantly needs attention, loves when I chase him, or when he chases the [senior] cat,” Irene said. “His favorite game is when I throw a toy mouse and he brings it back to me. He can run for the mouse all evening and not get tired.”

It didn’t matter how things turned out; this unique bond was intended to be.

Irene claimed, “He altered my life. “With his never-ending enthusiasm, he’s my very own little sunshine. It’s comparable like having a young child. You learn a lot from it.

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