Cat Wakes Up Family After Her Favorite Person Has A Heart Attack

Shotzie, the family cat, never would have performed a brave deed in Brandy Miller’s eyes. In actuality, Miller had always perceived the 11-year-old cat as quite alone.

She’s not exactly a cat for people, Miller said. She just enjoys spending time with my mom and my stepdad Kirk. She frequently hides when guests arrive. Additionally, she frequently begins hissing if I am near her. She simply doesn’t like my sisters or myself.

But three weeks ago, Shotzie did something that proved her love for the people in her life.

On March 2, Miller’s stepdad, Kirk Mathis, had a heart attack in the house he shares with Miller’s mom, Tammy.

“My stepdad was getting ready to leave for work — he leaves for work at 4 o’clock in the morning,” Miller said. “I think he had just fed [Shotzie], and he was going to the door and he had this massive heart attack. He fell back and hit the ground.”

Shotzie acted immediately. In order to wake up my mother, she went back into the bedroom, leapt up on the bed, crawled across her duvet, pounced on her head, and let out the loudest roar, according to Miller. Shotzie “roared like a mountain lion,” she claimed. She claimed that the growl that made her get up and move was really loud and deep.

Tammy heard a sound Shotzie had never made before and knew right once that something was awry. Kirk was resting on the floor as Tammy entered the living room.

“She immediately started CPR on him, but couldn’t get a response from him,” Miller said. “She got the firefighters there, and they had to shock him three times, and they finally got a heartbeat from him.”

Kirk arrived at the hospital just in time thanks to Shotzie; the medical staff helped preserve his life and stabilize his condition. Miller predicted that he would soon require triple bypass surgery, but for the time being, Kirk is back at home, and Shotzie is at his side.

Miller added, “She’s simply monitoring Kirk continuously, even when he uses the restroom.” He cannot escape the gaze of that cat.

Kirk can’t get over what Shotzie did for him, and he’s making sure she knows how thankful he is, Miller said.

“He’s been feeding her like it’s going out of style … and they’re making sure she’s living in style,” she said. “He is so glad they have her.”

Miller is grateful, too, and her view of Shotzie has completely changed.

We are really grateful that he and my mother have this cat, added Miller. It’s becoming better since she’s gradually starting to circle me more. She is no longer known as the nasty cat.

Miller continued, “That’s still hard to believe it all occurred. It’s quite great, I tell you.

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