Cat Won’t Stop Trying To Break In To School To Be With Her Kids

In September 2019, her family adopted her, and they have been Luna’s pack ever since. She loves to follow her folks everywhere, even when they leave the house, because she is very protective of them.

Luna’s mother, Heather Lucier, told The Dodo that her daughter “loves going for walks with us.” She will take the helm and supervise our regular movement in the direction she desires! People in the area tell me it’s the prettiest thing they’ve ever seen, and it is very adorable.

She used to follow us to pick up the kids’ free school lunches back in 2020, following us across the street and to the other side of the school to, I’d like to think, make sure we were OK and coming home again since we’d been home with her for months.”

Luna likes to accompany her human siblings on their daily walks to school now that they are once again attending it in person. Everyone at the school now remembers Luna and likes to see her there, thus the distance between their home and the school is extremely short. Until Luna decided she wanted more, it has never been a problem.

Luna made the decision one day that she wanted to go to class with her people instead of merely accompanying them there. She started attempting to smuggle herself into the school, but everyone is aware of her, so her plot was swiftly foiled when the school phoned her mother.

When I discovered it was the front desk, I panicked because I thought one of my children was hurt or ill, Lucier recalled. Thankfully, they phoned to let me know that Luna was trying to follow people into the school even though I adore her and have no problem with her hanging there. I apologized several times before putting on my jacket and rushing to rescue Luna before she got into any serious danger!

Lucier quickly rushed over to the school before Luna actually made it inside — and as soon as she arrived, Luna pretended like nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all.

“I was a bit away from the main doors she was trying to sneak through when I called, ‘LUNA!’ and who came running? Luna, meowing happily with her tail up in excitement as she pranced across the grass to me,” Lucier said.

Lucier was able to lure Luna home with the promise of food, and since she’d been caught, she knew she couldn’t make it into the school that day anyway. As soon as Luna’s human siblings got home from school, their mom told them all about Luna’s adventure, and they absolutely loved it.

It would be nice to just bring Luna into the classroom since it was so much cooler than a photo, said Lucier’s son, who smiled while saying he wanted she’d come to his class because his class has a board of class pets.

Fortunately, there is still hope because everyone agrees that Luna will attempt to enter the school illegally at some point in the future.

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