Cute Cat Breaks Into Fashion Show and Tries to Pick Fights With Models

After all, they do refer to it as a catwalk.

But it didn’t make it any less shocking when a genuine cat chose to enter the stage in the middle of a recent fashion show in Turkey, grabbing both the event and everyone’s hearts. with force.

Despite the fact that people in the fashion business are notoriously difficult to impress, those present at the Esmod International Fashion Show, which took place this week in Istanbul, weren’t expecting this. It appears that the unexpected cat’s appearance on the runway drew more attention from the crowd than the outfits on exhibit.

According to fashion designer Göksen Hakk Ali, “everyone was in surprise.”

Although the cat’s origins are unknown, it is evident from her actions that she sought the audience’s undivided devotion. And those weren’t things she was willing to discuss, based on her lovely little attacks on the models that were walking by.


Sure, the rambunctious kitty may need to tone down her cattiness on stage, but she’s definitely got the runway strut down pat. When asked if the aspiring model feline could have a future in the fashion industry, Hakkı Ali admitted that it can’t be ruled out.

“Haha, maybe,” she said. “Why not?”

Talent like that is certainly hard to pass up.

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