Deaf groom is confused when bride stops in the aisle and slowly raises her hand

When it comes to expressing love, for someone there is no occasion sacred than a wedding celebration.

The coming together of two souls is an remarkable event in ones lifetime inspiring individuals to go above and beyond to make their day truly extraordinary.

While it is assumed that many of you have experienced wedding days we are captivated by the story of one bride who showed a depth of affection for her partner.

Liz Shoesmith and her fiancé Scott live in the town of Caringbah, Australia. They communicate through sign language as Scott is deaf. This unique aspect added some challenges to their wedding day planning.

However they didn’t let these circumstances deter them. The devoted couple meticulously organized every detail to ensure a day for themselves and their loved ones. There was one surprise detail that

Liz had carefully prepared for her soon to be spouse.

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