Deaf Senior Cat Simply Walked Into A Neighgors Home Changed His Life Forever

For certain people, there is an underlying knowledge that develops organically with age. The rest of us are frequently left perplexed by such understanding, wondering what they are thinking and doing. We must assume, though, that their past experiences have been instructive and that they will continue to be so.

There are certain surprises in life, however little, that are TOO shocking to keep to ourselves. One family in Valrico, Florida, was blessed on May 22 by the knowledge of an elderly male cat that had just entered their front door!

As he went into the home of a determined cat rescuer, this senior cat must have been quite savvy!
Andrea Budkis Christian fosters for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue, and you’ve probably heard of her fosters before.

So, did this wise old cat realize that Andrea was the start of a new life for him? And where did he come from, exactly? She’s quite familiar with the felines in her area because to her TNVR (Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return) work. This old man, on the other hand, was new and appeared to be quite nice!

The cat went inside the neighboring home as if he had been there before.

He had no evident physical damage, but he was a clearly older cat, and he was very underweight. She made an appointment for him with her veterinarian the following day the following morning. They wanted to ensure that he was unharmed internally. Additionally, if there is a microchip, they may check to see if it was “owned” when they were there.

In the chaos that followed his entry into their lives, there was one more item that they had missed.

Bob was deaf, thus he was unable to hear.

Bob was easily identified when Andrea initially posted the photo of him entering her house on the St. Francis foster page! The person who realized she had previously seen Logan the Werewolf Cat was his mother, Tabatha Norton. While working in rescue, you come across dozens of cats and cat pictures every day. The fact that she ever recognized him in the first place is a confounding mystery.

Thanks to a fantastic turn of circumstances, Tyrone was saved and adopted the next day. His hearing issues weren’t mentioned at the time, though.

So Bob had “walked” out of the shelter with a new family, so named because the old lad resembled a bag of bones.

When Andrea and the vet found out about Bob’s microchip, they dialed the number indicated with trepidation. The “owners” have frequently abandoned the pet and never responded or updated any information. However, they were able to contact Bob’s new adoptive mother, who informed them that she had not thrown him out.

He turns out to be deaf and wonders off! He was recently adopted from the Pet Resource Center by a nice young woman.

In saving Bob’s life, she was incredibly kind and lovely. Unfortunately, he had not yet received the additional medical care he needed. You might wonder, “Why not?” Because it seems that most of that information was not provided to her when the adoptive family took up the child. They were unaware that he required medical attention. Additionally, he was spending a lot of time outside, which is not advised for a deaf cat.

Then Bob’s new mother took a courageous action that few people are capable of performing.
In order to receive the necessary medical care, Bob was turned over to St. Francis Society Animal Rescue. She wanted him to be able to locate a house that was secure and contained.

So, with a lot of love and a few tears, the young woman who saved him sent him to St. Francis Rescue. He will be moving in with a very unique foster home, where a cat that everyone likes lives.

Logan, the Werewolf Cat, would be sharing that house with another senior male who had been spared from the streets.

With that, Landlord Bob “walked” into Tabatha and Logan’s foster home…and any other small kitties Logan is keeping an eye on.

Bob is incredibly thin, so we’re trying to help him put on some healthy weight. He is incredibly amiable, talkative, and considerate.

One of his favorite pleasures is to sit at the window and watch the birds fly and the trees sway.

Bob is one of those beings who, at the darkest periods of life, fate lights upon. And, based on what we do know about his past, fate was LONG overdue to smile upon him! He merely had the foresight to enter through the correct door.

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