Doctor Said I’m Pregnant but I Have Not Slept with a Man for 6 Years

A lesbian woman was stunned when she came up positive for a pregnancy test. Little did she know the road to the truth would be a bumpy one.

Reaching out to the AskDocs sub on Reddit, a 23-year-old lesbian woman revealed she was freaked out after testing positive on a pregnancy test. She was scared it was some form of cancer, that she was sexually assaulted or had sex and couldn’t remember.

The original poster (OP) explained that she wasn’t very sexually active but does sleep with a woman she’s sort of dating about twice monthly. The woman she was seeing was born female or cisgender, and she couldn’t get OP pregnant.

The last time the young woman recalled having sex with a male person was when she was in high school six years before. She explained that she was 5’3″, 140 lbs, and generally healthy. She took Zoloft at times and sometimes used non-prescription allergy medicine to give some background into her health.

The Redditor started throwing up on occasion around a month before but didn’t worry about it, thinking it was a stomach bug. However, when she finally visited a Tennessee clinic because she wasn’t getting any better, the Redditor was told she was pregnant.


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