Family Fostered A 12-Year-Old Boy That Nobody Wants – But Soon They Realized Who He Really Is

Many kids don’t always grow up in homes where they are safe and loved. People who don’t have many wishes usually only want to feel loved somewhere. Indeed, this point of view is what made Kevin and Dominique Gill decide to take in foster children.

Their lives changed, though, when they took in a 10-year-old boy that no one else desired.

I didn’t know that not every kid had a mom and dad who loved them until I was a certain age.
Without a doubt, there are millions of kids in the world who don’t have a safe and loving home. A boy from Nashville, Tennessee, called Andrew, who is 12 years old, knows all about that.

There was a boy named Andrew who needed a foster parent in 2018. Dominique and Kevin Gill decided to take him in.
Introvert and aggressive

Andrew had no touch with his biological parents, and as a child, he moved around a lot of temporary homes set up by social services. He is said to have lived in foster care for about half of his short life.

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