Father praised for choosing to carry his large dog instead his small son

A heartwarming video that shows a man carrying his large dog in his arms with his small child walking next to him is capturing the hearts of puzzled but adoring cyber citizens.
Luz Elena, of Mexico, captured a video of a father, with one arm reaching down to hold the hand of his small son, and the other arm used to carry a large gray pit bull, the dog’s tongue wagging as his head drapes over the man’s shoulder.

Sparking conversations about family priorities, Elena’s sweet and hilarious TikTok video, titled “When your priority is your dog, not the child,” shows the father, dog and son crossing the street and continuing down the sidewalk.

Once the trio reached the sidewalk, it appears they are joined by a woman who, trailing close behind, is pushing a child’s three-wheeled stroller or bike that’s holding a big-boxed item.

One TikTok user suggested the kid had to walk because his transportation was poached by his mother. “No one mentioned the mom in the back with the push trike. The kid is walking because mom put something in the trike. Maybe dog is sick?”

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