Friends of Kate Middleton say it was “almost desperate” that she had to make cancer announcement

Friends of Kate Middleton have claimed that the way the Princess was forced to go public with her cancer diagnosis was “almost desperate” after weeks of conspiracy theories relating to her wellbeing and whereabouts.

On Friday evening, the Princess of Wales released a candid video where she discussed the heartbreaking diagnosis, explaining that she had wanted to first take time to explain things to her children. Reports say the video was timed to coincide with the breakup of the kids’ school for Easter.

All manner of outlandish claims have been made about Kate since she was hospitalized for 13 days for what was termed at the time a “planned abdominal procedure”. Now that the world knows the truth, such distasteful conjecture will hopefully cease, though friends of the Princess are said to be angry that she’s been subjected to the speculation at a time when she is at her most vulnerable.

The future Queen cut a stoic and strong figure as she announced her cancer diagnosis in dramatic fashion late last week. Kate divulged that tests following the abdominal procedure she underwent in January had revealed cancer, though the exact type of cancer – or what stage it is in – remains unclear.

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