Grumpy Nativity Scene Cat Accidentally Spreads Holiday Cheer

This fat grayish-orange cat had recently settled in to watch the world go by, peering out grumpily through his sourpuss eyes. It was obvious that he had no intention of cheering anyone up. But now it’s his fault!

He actually did that.

Early last Sunday, on a nippy autumn sidewalk in New York City, photographer Brooke Goldman wasn’t where she wanted to be. Her boyfriend had travel plans that morning, and Goldman made the mistake of offering to walk with him to catch his train. In reality, she wanted to be in bed. But still, she followed through.

“I was pretty out of it,” Goldman told The Dodo. “I was trying to get home as fast as possible to go back to sleep and wasn’t ready for the day at all.”

But in one sleepy stride, suddenly everything changed. As if struck by some saintly vision, Goldman’s eyes landed upon this:

There, not far away, was a strange fat cat curled up in the manger of a little nativity scene.

The dissatisfied cat appeared to take pleasure in the silent veneration that the display’s figurines displayed to him, despite the fact that he had no apparent reluctance about taking over the space or worry about offending its intended tenant.

Goldman responded somewhat differently.

She gushed, “I was laughing my ass off.”

And with that, the unknowing cat had made Goldman’s day better.

“I suppose it’s safe to say that when I was making my way home, he made me happy. Without a doubt, it was uplifting “She spoke. “Having so much fun that early in the day makes the day much happier overall.”

Fortunately for the rest of us, Goldman took pictures of the furry Scrooge to help spread holiday happiness. It is after all the season for joy, laughter, and merriment—even if it comes from a cranky cat.

According to Goldman, “a good animal picture can heal anything.”

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