Happy Couple Shares 10th Anniversary Picture Online, Promptly Gets Flooded with Worried Calls

All hell broke loose when Thomas and Sienna uploaded a photo on social media to commemorate their tenth wedding anniversary. A creepy face appeared in the image, triggering a chain of events that brought the happy couple face-to-face with a horrifying truth.

Thomas quickly set the camera timer and joined Sienna in front of the fireplace, saying, “Ten years.”

Sienna responded, “Ten years of us.”

As the camera’s timer counted down, Sienna thought she heard a soft sound in the hallway behind her. Her attention flickered, but she quickly dismissed it and focused instead on their anniversary photo, another one of the pictures that captured their lives.

Their home had more than enough littered around and adorning the walls.Thomas sighed, nostalgic all of a sudden. “I remember when we first moved in here… We spent two nights sleeping on the floor,” he said, wrinkles forming in the corners of his eyes.

Sienna added, “And now, every nook and cranny holds a piece of our story. And we also get to share these pieces with others…on social media.” She laughed, clicking on her phone and putting it away to enjoy the rest of the night.

In the morning, the sun woke her up, but as she blinked into the light, Sienna realized that something else was also disturbing their peace.

“Check that, hon,” Thomas said, his voice thick with sleep. “It’s been pinging for a while now.”

Sienna reached for her nightstand, her eyes half-closed, and brought the phone to her face. Too many social media notifications had appeared. She checked them, rising a bit on the bed to get comfortable.

“People are saying there’s something weird in our photo,” she said, frowning. “I have several missed calls, too.”

Thomas moved his body over to see her phone. “Weird? Like what?”

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