Heart-wrenching Betrayal: Adolescent Daughter Selects Unfaithful Father

Following my divorce from my unfaithful spouse, my daughter chose to stay with him and declined to spend time with me… Years later, she returned to request that I cover the cost of her education. What is the appropriate way to react after she disregarded me for such a long period of time?

A lady found herself in a situation that made her wonder if refusing to help her daughter, years after not contacting her, was the right thing to do, or if she still needed to support the daughter who had rejected her in the past.

It all began when the woman, who asked for guidance from other Redditors, married a financially well-off man.

He seemed like the right guy for her, but soon after marrying him and becoming pregnant with his child, she found out that he had been unfaithful.
She persuaded herself at that moment that he did it because she couldn’t provide enough support for him due to her pregnancy, therefore she chose to pardon him

However, he was unfaithful once more after a few years, and she could no longer tolerate his infidelity, so she decided to end their marriage.
The choice was not well accepted by their relatives. Her parents suggested that she reconcile with him once again and reunite for the sake of their daughter, but her in-laws were concerned that a divorce would damage the family’s reputation due to their riches and prominence.

The woman came to the realization that remaining with her spouse would just exacerbate her already negative feelings, so she made the decision to end their marriage.
Regrettably, he exercised power, and as a result, she was deprived of custody of their child.
The young girl was frequently convinced that her mother was a negative individual, therefore she never approached the woman recounting this tale.

She found it challenging to not be at her daughter’s side, but her daughter had no contact with her for a long time. However, one day her daughter showed up at her door, weeping and seeking assistance.
The woman’s former spouse lost all of his money because of bad business choices and couldn’t afford to cover his daughter’s educational costs.

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