Hollywood Residents Furious After Taylor Swift Photoshoot Causes Massive Disturbances

Taylor Swift and the iconic Hollywood sign are set to merge in the spotlight this week, coinciding with her highly anticipated premiere on Disney+. However, the event has stirred some frustration among residents living near the renowned Griffith Park landmark in Los Angeles.

A production that has been intensifying throughout the week is scheduled for a significant shoot on Wednesday, according to film permit notices received by the neighbors.

TMZ acquired a copy of one of the permit notices. It’s worth noting that law enforcement has also been made aware of this document, with police being informed that filming near the Hollywood sign is set to take place tomorrow. The permit outlined in detail the planned activities.

The notice specified that filming for “Disney + TS” will occur along Mulholland Highway, just beneath the Hollywood sign. Preparation for the shoot is set for the entirety of Tuesday, with filming planned to continue throughout Wednesday.

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