Homeless Man Feeds Stray Cats Before Himself By Selling Lemons Every Day To Raise Money For Cat Food

Despite living a tough life at train station, this homeless man Loong Dum from Thailand always makes sure that his friends, stray cats, are cared for and well fed. He may not have any children, but he knows the responsibility of care.

He makes money by selling limes on the street every day so that he may purchase meals for his friends. Even when he is hungry and occasionally lacks food for himself, feeding his cherished animals is always his top concern. They are his family, and he is their only source of support.

“I’m fine with skipping meals, but the cat needs to eat,” he said.

The story of Loong Dum has viral after a young woman named Warunya Wattanasupachoke, saw him selling limes with a sign saying, “20 baht per bag, profits will pay for stray cat’s food expenses.”

When his tale went viral on social media, animal lovers commended him for being so caring and offered to help him.

Others brought him cat food and supplies, while some of them came to buy limes from him.

A few folks even brought him to get a haircut and provided him brand-new clothing after that. He returned to the street to sell limes after getting a makeover since his life would have been worthless without his adored kitties.

Warunya said that looks should not be used to make judgments about people. “For instance, consider Loong Dum. Despite looking rough and being homeless, he has a large heart.

Loong Dum has inspired many people around the world to show love, compassion, and a helping hand to those in need – be it humans or stray animals.

Please share this story with everyone to reminder that humanity comes in many different forms!

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