How Lynda Carter who played ‘Wonder Woman’ broke all barriers – this is her today

She took everyone’s breath away when she was crowned Miss USA back in 1972 and got to represent the country on the greatest beauty contest, Miss World. This title opened many doors for gorgeous Lynda Carter, one of which, if not the most important of all, the role of Wonder Woman.

Carter became someone everyone admired. Not only men, but women from every part of the world celebrated her flawless beauty and incredible talent.

Speaking of the time she was named the most beautiful woman in America, Carter recalled, “I didn’t get any prizes. They smack a little banner on you, they stick a crown on your head and call you a beauty queen,” branding the experience as both “bad” and “painful” because of the “certain built-in cruelty” pageants come with.

Before landing the legendary role of the hero woman, Carter struggled with her film career. She did land a couple of roles, but she nearly ran out of money trying so she decided to take a normal job. But then, she got a call from her manager who told her that Joanna Cassidy had been turned down and that Lynda had the part of Diana Prince and her crime-fighting alter ego, Wonder Woman.

Being one of the first female superheroes ever, Wonder Woman empowered many. Just years before the series aired, thousands of women paraded down Fifth Avenue in New York asking for equality.

In an episode, Wonder Woman warned that “Any civilization that does not recognize the female is doomed to destruction. Women are the wave of the future and sisterhood is…stronger than anything.”

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