Husband receives photo from his wife, then immediately wants a divorce

“My request is…”, said John, holding his lover’s hand. “I would like you to stop doing n*de photography”. Chloe looked at him with a smile. She had already expected this to be the condition. Although she had been earning her money doing normal modeling jobs for a while, she still occasionally did a n*de photo shoot. Since their relationship had become so serious that they were moving in together, she had already planned to refuse these jobs from now on. John was very happy that she accepted his condition and couldn’t wait to move in with his love. Soon after, the two started looking for a house and found a beautiful spot in San Francisco. They were both unfamiliar with this city, so they enjoyed exploring together. Chloe was shocked when they first visited the Golden Gate Bridge together…

Chloe had just snapped a beautiful photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. When she turned, she suddenly saw that John was on his knees in front of her. She let out a scream and bystanders started clapping. Tears streamed down her cheeks, and she cried out, “Of course I want to marry you!”. The months after that flew by. So much had to be arranged! In the spring the time had finally come. The two hosted an extravagant wedding, attended by all their friends and family. The two walked down the aisle toward the altar, where their love would be sealed forever by the waiting priest. They would know not only prosperity, but also adversity in their marriage…

The ring
The wedding ring that Chloe would wear for the rest of her wedding was beautifully decorated with small diamonds. Costs and effort were not spared because John had these made by a specialized jeweler from France. His princess deserved an extra special ring. Chloe wore the ring with pride. The ring attracted a lot of attention. Some of Chloe’s friends lived abroad, which prevented them from attending the wedding. They had already heard about the beautiful wedding ring through the media, so Chloe was repeatedly asked to send a photo of the jewelry. The couple’s lives calmed down in the years that followed, until John made a shocking discovery…

Married couple
In the years following the wedding, a lot changed in the couple’s life. John took on a new role as a sales representative for the company he worked for, while Chloe’s career also changed a lot. She noticed that as she got older, she was offered fewer jobs. As a result, Chloe became more and more of a housewife, while John was increasingly away from home. Chloe started working for charities and became a welcome guest at fundraisers and events. The company John worked for was very conscious of his value, so he was now making enough for two.

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