I Found a Message While Renovating Our Late Parents’ Home – My Brother, Who Wanted to Sell the House, Is Now Furious

When our parents passed away, they left properties for their sons to divide, including their childhood home. While Aaron wants to sell the old house, Ian decides that there’s something special to it and claims the house, hoping to renovate it to its glory. As he and his wife, Laura, renovate the house, they find a note from Ian’s father, taking them to a box hidden beneath an oak tree in the garden. The content of the box changes everything…

Of course, when our parents died, my brother revealed his true materialistic colors. Following their death, we inherited some property, including two houses. One house was where our parents lived during their last years, and the other was the run-down house where we grew up.

Our dad was a sentimental man, and despite our attempts to convince him to sell the old place, he always refused, hoping that one day, we would renovate it and raise our families there, just like he did.

“It’s a great place to raise a family, boys,” he would say.

When he died, my brother, Aaron, insisted we sell the old house and split the money.

“Come on, Ian,” he would say. “Just go with it. We can do so much more with the money than trying to sort that house out.”

But I couldn’t do it. That house meant something to my father. And it was his greatest wish to save the place, so I chose to keep the old house while my brother, thinking I was foolish, took the new one.

As time went on and my wife, Laura, and I began to renovate the house, it finally dawned on me that there was so much work to be done.

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