I reclined my seat on a long-haul flight, and the person behind me kept pushing my seat forward.

Finding a comfortable position on a plane is a real pain in the neck, especially when you’re on a long-haul flight.

Do you recline your seat or is a neck pillow the way to go? Should you splurge for first class or sit in economy?

One TikTok user and travel influencer presented an issue that comes up on all flights, but especially on long-haul flights: should you recline your seat?

After presenting her scenario, she ignited an internet debate.

Keep reading to see what most people said.

Taylor Futch, who goes by @tfutchh on TikTok, shared a situation on the social media app that many of us are too familiar with.

While flying she reclined her seat in order to settle in and get comfortable, however the traveler behind her was unhappy so they pushed back.

“Y’all this girl just shoved my seat forward and said I’m not allowed to recline for my 10-hour flight because it’s too much for her,” Taylor wrote on a nine-second clip that has since gone viral. “What do I do?”

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