I Saw My Fiancé Proposing to Another Woman in Front of His Family

Imagine walking into a surprise that flips your world: your fiancé, on his knee, but not for you. Worst of all, the ring was an identical copy of yours. That happened to me, but here’s the thing: I don’t take betrayal lying down.

I’m Jessica, and I was living what I thought was a love story for the ages with Jack, my fiancé. The idea of a whirlwind romance is only really great in movies, where you don’t know what happens after the credits roll.

I was naive and thought Jack was the one. He proposed to me just six months into our relationship at my favorite restaurant. We even got applause from other people. I gushed about it to my friends, being a little braggy about it, and I believed all his promises. Our connection felt destined. Life, however, had its own plans.

I got an opportunity at work. It was just a six-month contract, but in another city four hours away. Jack and I made a plan to see each other once a month if the plane costs weren’t so high. That first month, he came to visit me, and we had a fantastic time, getting to know a new city together.

The second month, I went back, visited my family, and started wedding planning. We picked a date! It was supposed to be two months after my contract ended. After that, I got too busy. Jack did, too, at his job, or so I thought.

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