I Unexpectedly Returned Home Early and Caught My MIL in Our Bed Doing Terrible Things

Maddie, pregnant and eager to reconcile with her mother-in-law before the baby comes, stumbles upon her son’s mother, Meredith, performing a strange ritual in the middle of the bed. What is going on, and should Maddie be worried?

I unexpectedly returned home early one day, only to find my mother-in-law in the most unimaginable scene right in my new bedroom.

Recently, Theo, my husband, and I had just moved into a new house when Theo was suddenly called away for work. So, my mother-in-law, Meredith — who has never hidden her dislike for me — offered to help me set up things around our new home. Considering I was pregnant, I thought perhaps this was her way of extending an olive branch.

“Maybe it won’t be so bad,” Theo said before leaving for his trip. “Maybe this is how Mom will get to know you better.”

But that wasn’t quite what Meredith had in mind.

The relationship between her and Kelsey, Theo’s ex-wife, was legendary. There was no bad blood between Kelsey and Theo; they simply ended their marriage because Kelsey decided she wanted to travel the world instead of settling down.

She also revealed she didn’t want children, which was a deal-breaker for Theo.

But Meredith adored Kelsey. In her eyes, Kelsey was the perfect match for her son, a woman who carried the grace and dignity she believed was right for their family’s legacy — all of which she told me during our lunch together one day.

Meredith’s disdain for me wasn’t just rooted in personal dislike but in a deep-seated belief that I could never fill Kelsey’s shoes.

On that fateful day, after being overcome with morning sickness, my boss told me to leave early and go home.

“Go and rest, Maddie,” he said. “Work will always be here.”

I walked into the house, kicking off my shoes as I went. The house was quiet, too quiet — Meredith was always one to have music playing softly whenever she was alone.

I explored each room, trying to find her. And as I neared our bedroom door, a sense of unease took over me, and I could hear a single voice with hurried whispers.

What the heck is going on? I thought to myself.

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