In A Donation Box An Abandoned Cat With On Odd Hue Was Found

A little cat, the hue of which resembled a gentleman’s mustache, was discovered in a Salvation Army contribution box. A loud meow drew the staff’s attention, and after locating the infant, they notified the cat shelter.

When the employees opened the contribution box to retrieve the monies, the kitty was found. They had no clue who had placed it there, how long it had been there, or if the contributions that had been placed in the box had fallen on it.

One of the four volunteers who volunteered to assist arrived to take him up after they spotted him and phoned the shelter.

People who came into contact with the kitten said that he was very friendly and ran towards people who came in the door.

Sally Ann, as the cat was known, is now in good health. She was sterilized and tested for illnesses for the first time, and the results revealed that she was healthy. Dewormers and anti-flea drugs were also given to her.

Despite the difficulties she has endured since the beginning of her existence, the kitten is sociable and loving, according to the shelter employees.

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