In Commemoration Of His Deceased Son A Dad Established A Cattery For Stray Cats

A highly odd house may be seen on an everyday street in Medford, New York. More than 300 cats reside here, including the owner, Chris Arceno. This location acts as an animal refuge, a clinic, a nursery, and just a residence.

The Happy Cat Sanctuary has spared all of its inmates from the streets, cruelty, and mass capture. They discover security, warmth, and, most importantly, love at HCS.

Arsenault, 58, suffered a devastating emotional trâumа in 2006 when his son Eric was involved in a motorcycle accident. The life of the inconsolable father came to a standstill. At some point, he had to choose: surrender to the power of grief or try to pull himself together.

During this terrible period, he came across a colony of 30 ill cats. Chris looked after them and encircled them with caution. He received a new objective in life as a result of his experiences, and the identical refuge materialized shortly after.

The mutual devotion between a guy and his cats becomes clear as he goes around his remodeled home. Human cruelty has been perpetrated against several local students in the past. Poisoning, gunshot wounds, and severe weariness are among the patients present. These cats have witnessed a lot of awful things in their lives, but they aren’t terrified of Mr. Arsenault.

Chris’s presence or the sound of his voice attracts furry pals from all directions. “Daddy” is frequently seen walking about with kitties on his shoulders and clutching his neck. Arsenault is rarely seen without at least one pupil.

The shelter’s whole region demonstrates how dedicated a guy is to his wards. A big aviary with wooden climbing frames and tunnels for little predators to play is located on the next site. All of the outside areas are heated. Special cat doors provide animals entry to the house itself.

The Society for the Protection of Animals has inspected the nursery twice and found no faults. All of the cats are in good health, are properly fed, and receive regular veterinarian care. The next video, taken in 2014, clearly shows that the pets are content.

When it’s time to eat, a mob of 300 students forms around Arsenault. They brush up against his legs and purr, and eager meowing can be heard from all directions. Thankfully, people arrive at HCS and assist the founder in his terrible life.

Outside help isn’t the only thing available. Chris is also aggrеssivеly collecting money to ensure that his buddies have access to food at all times. Every week, at least $1,000 is spent on food!

According to Arsenault, the cattery’s opening benefited both parties because the guy and the animals he rеscuеd helped each other out. Every night, there is just one issue that arises. Grateful kitties fight over a warm spot on the master’s bed. Only those who truly love them would allow 300 cats inside their bedroom.

Credit: Happy Cat Sanctuary

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